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The Green Man

The Green Man Herbal Apothecary offers a natural, alternative, treatment in the tradition of the Western Herbalist.

The treatment employs a holistic approach that takes the time to listen to patients and investigate thoroughly all aspects that make up the human condition (diet, lifestyle, emotional etc.).

I acknowledge dis-ease as being a unique and individual expression, that is best treated by balancing these aspects and resolving the underlying cause, where possible, rather than merely suppressing or controlling the symptoms.

The treatment is achieved through the application from a range of about 120, mostly, western herbs, considering, not only their biochemical constituents, but their nature, temperament and character in respect of the individual patient and in keeping with the Doctrine of Signatures.

Herbs are administered in the form of tinctures, teas, capsules, creams, ointments, powders etc.

Bach Flower Remedies may be required to balance emotional blocks, while the impact of dietary and lifestyle habits will also be reviewed.